Education EPR Software

i-Genius (A Complete ERP for school)

ERP Software for Schools to manage Student records, Fees Collection,  Transportation Mgt., Financial Accounting, Examination With CCE Grading System, Library Management, Birthday Reminders & More

I-Genius software handles fees Management system so Intelligently and easily. As a result there are no long queues for fees payment leaving behind a great impression in the parents mind.

i-Genius Software does not save only your valuable time, but helps in growth and development of your organization

i-Genius Software Generates very valuable and forecasting reports like

  • Fees Due List,
  • Demand Register,
  • Defaulters List,
  • Class Wise Fees
  • Collection Summary,
  • Head Wise Summary,
  • Fees Card,
  • Fees Receipts Register and much more.
  • Which are not possible otherwise to generate manually


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